Implement a Covid Passport Solution at your Workplace

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Introducing COVID 1 Stop

COVID1Stop allows you to protect your business and employees. Our three part enterprise solution allows you to integrate our passport app, certify vaccination records, and implement best practices in reopening safely.

Our App Securely Stores and Makes it Possible to Share COVID-19 Test Results, Exposure History, and Vaccination Logs.

  • Ultra Secure Digital Data Vault - Your data is securely stored in Safe-4's data vaults. Safe4 is configured to the highest standards and is rated “A+” in independent testing.
  • You Own Your Data - Only you can share your results securely with parties that you trust. Your results belong to you.
  • Share Your Results - Send your results to emails, nearby devices or just display your status directly from your screen. Results from any Lab App works with all smart phones.
  • Results From Any Lab - Any lab can securely use our solution to post your results directly in your Covid1Stop App.
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Certify Covid Vaccination and Test Records

Our built-in e-Sign and Notary services provide an added level of confidence making your employees’ Covid data verifiable and trusted.
Our e-Notary service certifies vaccination and testing results within the Covid1Stop app.
  • Our Built-in Electronic Signature Service Provides Individual Verification
  • Our e-Notarization process allows you do it all from your phone.

Let Us Help You Define Your Own Covid Workplace Policies & Procedures

Ready for your employees to return? Have you thought about how you will handle things that used to be simple Pre-Covid?
Let us help you define your Covid workplace policies & procedures that cover things like workplace access, meetings, large groups, conferences, travel, peer interaction, and visitor policy just to name a few.
  • Policies and Procedures - Integrate our best practices and reopen safely for your customers and employees.
  • Follow Best Practices - Before you open, make sure that all the protocols and policies are integrated.
  • We Can Build A Plan For You - We can tailor custom policies and procedures for your business.
Our custom tailored engagements start at $2,500 and include a custom Covid-19 plan for your business to reopen safely.

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Here is your opportunity to make this solution available in your workplace

Give your employees a tool that they can use to track and share their Covid information. Everyone will feel much more in control.

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Users Individual Annual Plan Family Annual Plan
1-10 $100 $75/user $240 $180/user
11-100 $85 $65/user $210 $160/user
101-1,000 $75 $55/user $185 $140/user
1,001-10,000 $60 $45/user $160 $120/user
10,001+ $45 $35/user $130 $100/user

Our COVID solutions are essential to your business.

Your customers and employees have the right to feel safe and our solutions make that possible.

Keep Employees Safe

By integrating the COVID1Stop app in your business, all your employees will have records of their COVID tests, vaccinatians and exposure history right at their fingertips.

Build Customer Confidence

Your customers will feel at ease knowing that you incorporated COVID1Stop in your organization.

Impress New Customers

New customers will be dazzled with your COVID awareness protocols that follow public health guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to share my results?

COVID1Stop uses the most recent smartphone sharing technolgies to allow you to share with only those folks with whom you have a personally secure relationship.

Is COVID1Stop a Passport?

Covid1Stop is a process by which a company can manage Test, Vaccinations and Exposure history for their employees. This is done via company policies and procedures defining how the individual employee data is to be used.

Why was COVID1Stop created?

Today there is no publically accessible tool that allows an individual to securely record their Covid-19 journey. While several initiatives are underway to provide Covid recording tools by various Government agencies, these all suffer the burden of having to prove that they are not being used to track the individuals using the apps.

COVID1Stop's anonymous user management system solves this issue. Users only save ther specific information that they wish to maintain.