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    We are Lab/Provider Agnostic – Our Results Solution works with everyone. You can choose the Lab/test. You choose the Lab, Test or Vaccine that best suits your needs.

  • If Your Lab / Test Center is affiliated with us

    They will automatically upload your result/history to our site. We partner with most of the Test Centers and Labs throughout the US. Our Open API allows all to easily integrate with our solution. We provide a secure link to our Ultra Secure Data Vault

  • If Your Lab / Test Center is NOT Yet affiliated with us

    You can easily upload your result/history to our site. We provide a Simple, easy to use I/F allowing you to Add your Results.

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  • Multiple Approaches Available
  • Test Administered
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Test Sent to Indiv Home

Indiv goes to Test Location

Test sent to Place of Employment

Team comes to Place of Employment

Indiv self-administers test

Clinician administers test

Test Verification Approach

Did Correct Individual take test

Process Tracking-based approach

Clinician Physically Monitors Test

Test Generates Result

Lab Determines Test Result

Sample Sent in Sealed Container

Test completed on Site

Vaccine Taken

Results from Personal Test

Results from Lab

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