Record Covid Test Results, Vaccinations and Exposure History.

Save Individual or Family information to our Ultra Secure Data Vault. Results accepted from all Labs and our App works with any Smart Phone

Introducing the Covid1Stop App

The App that provides our Covid-19 Test Results, Vaccination History and Exposure History

Our simple, intuitive, easy to use User Interface makes data sharing a breeze …

Literally 10's of Thousand of Vaccination Locations are popping throughout the US...

Record your Immunization with the Covid1Stop App

Save / Display Vaccination Log

Save Scheduled Date for 2nd Vaccination

Elapsed Time for result

In Person Test

Results generated on site 15-60 mins

Test sent to Lab

Results provided 24 -72 hrs after Lab receives Sample

No Matter How or Where your test was administered Covid1Stop will make your Result available through your Personal Digital Vault

Our Team Provides State of Art

Solutions for Covid-19 Data Management

Based on almost 20 years of personalized data collection experience, we offer the only nationwide Life Transitions Marketplace. With more than 50 all inclusive Transition-related Services and Solutions in virtually every market in the country, we provide the integration skills needed to bring this comprehensive solution to everyone needing it throughout the United States.

S4Safe’s Personalized
Secure Digital Vault

Safe4 information limited was found in 2010 to address a need for professional practitioner and other organizations to protect their and their client’s confidential information. Today safe4 is configured to the highest standards and is rated “A+” in independent testing. This places Safe4 in the top 1% of more than 1 million websites that have been assessed. Your personal data is fully protected with our Ultra Secure Vault Solution.